Tacos with the Teachers

This past Thursday we had syudents interact with a professor from campus. A good time was had by all as students asked questions varying in subject from academic to past events. Overall, tacos were had and great times were made!



HIT Cookout

Yesterday the Hall Involvement Team had a cookout that was open to all residents. Hotdogs were grilled with chips and koolaid served along with it. Great times were had to relax with finals next week! Cornhole was available to residemts as well as a frisbee!


Cookies and Convos

Tonight Dakota, our RD, held a cookies and convos in his apartment. This is the second time this year that Dakota has opened his apartment to invite everyone in for cookies and conversations on just about any topic of choice! Glad to see a few of you guys make it there!Be sure to star focussed with a few weeks left in the semester!


Taste the World!

Tonight South West teamed up with Melcher hall and hosted Taste the World in Dobson. Everyone split up and took a different continent and prepared food from their country. Each continent had their own activity as well. It was great fun with the activities and trivia from the different continents!