First Super Smashing Tournament

Tonight at 6:00 PM was First West’s first wing event and program. A poll was put up to decide what the ¬†first event was to be, and many residents participated in taking the poll. For a first program in the first week, the attendance of the event was limited. But for the few that showed, all were having a good time getting to know the other residents.



Discing for Days

Got to go disc golfing with one of my residents and one from another wing. Spent two hours walking through the hills of campus going through the course. Was a good round with the guys and hope that we get to go out more than just this once! It’s always nice to get out and walk some hills regardless of the reason you do it! Because in Platteville, it’s leg day everyday walking on campus! Follow all of UW-Platteville disc golf related events at their Facebook page, Platteville Disc Golf!