Bulletin Board: Alternative Cuss Words

As finals week is upon us, it can stressful to the point where you may find yourself cussing left and right. This board is to provide you with some alternative cuss words that you can use, have everything be ok, and have a few laughs from them. Words include “Fart knocker,” “Bucket Head,” “Nertz,” “Wing Nut,” and “Bleep” to name a few. Be sure to share these and share them with your friends.


Rethink the Stigma

With May right around the corner, that means it is almost Mental Health Month. To get into the them of it, I have provided a bulletin board that aims to change your perceptions of mental illnesses by naming off people who have the mental illnesses listed. This is to show that there are people that you may not have guessed to have mental illnesses as to further show how common some of these illnesses are. Remember: mental illnesses are not always obvious and clear.


Bulletinboard: Tieing a Tie

When going to suit-and-tie events, such as interviews, it’s important to look your best. Looking your best includes tieing ties. This board teaches you two common ties for neck ties and how to tie a bow tie. Be sure to practice these to get them into your memory.


Marshmallow Assassin

For the next 2 weeks, 1 West will be participating in Marshmallow Assassin! The residents will attempt to take each other out with Marshmallows and the assassin with the most kills or left standing will receive a bag of candy of their choice!