Battleship FNC

This past Friday, Melcher Hall held our first Friday Night Club at the pool in the Fieldhouse. The event ran from 10 pm till midnight where we had a hefty group of people show up to the event. All were welcomed as those in the water helping out unsink boats took part in the activity during the short break. Others were also offered to form different teams if they lacked team members and got to know other people from around campus. Afterwards, all participants had a great time getting to know people from around campus to just have a good time late on a Friday night!



Reverse Trick-or-Treat

On Halloween, the Resident Assistants, the Senior Assistant, and the Resident Director of Melcher Hall went to all of the residents. It was a good time, especially seeing their reactions to the rolling door that went in front of their door after we knocked on their door. We gave each resident a bag of candy with a tip of advice for how to stay safe, or health tip. Overall, the event was a great success and a lot of fun for the entire staff to enjoy.


Zombie Protection

On Monday October 30, Bryn and myself held our first self-defense class for the residents of Melcher Hall. We had a turnout of roughly 10 people show up. It was a great time teaching the residents how to escape from different scenarios if an aggressor approaches them. At the end of our session, we took everyone outside to work on some throws despite the cold. Being the practice dummy and knowing how the throw should feel from wrestling, I was able to help better each attendees form to throw if they ever get caught in that sort of scenario.


Smashing and Chilling

No way better than just catching up with some of the residents to unlock some characters, maps, and achievements to help out a fellow RA. It took us awhile, but it was done and the time spent was spent well with some deeper talk with a few of the residents who helped out with the process. It’s nice to get to see others join in on the fun and help the cause. Even if it is just Super Smash Bros. Melee.


A Friends Dinner

Got together with a few of my residents and some from another hall. Was a great time just chilling in GWAM for dinner. We just talked about college stuff: sports, class, and the unformiddable argument of whether or not noodles are in chili or not. Either way, it was a great time to just relax after finals.


School and stuff

It’s that time of year! Past midterms and into the second half of the semester, being up to date is on your grades and your study skills is key to getting ready for the end of the year finals. Doing a study group with some of the residents on your wing, floor, or building may be all it takes to get help further your career! Tutors by appointment, and PALS to help you out jumpstart you into your dream career! You can find these resources at