Pun and Games

For this entire year every sunday i put out a new pun for the week! Each week is different in hopes to improve your day when you’re a little down and need a littlw laugh to get you by!



Pi with the Professors

This past week 1 West and 2 East held a building wide event in celebration of pi day! Pies as well as pizza was offered and eaten by all. While the residents ate their food, they could read up on some of the Professors from the math department and learn about them! It was a good event that ran for a couple of hours and lots of fun with other games and prizes added for extra fun!


Duncan Diner Dinner

This past Wednesday a couple of residents and I went to the Duncan Diner put on by McGregor. It was busy upon arrival, but calmed down as the night went on. We all had fun drawing and doodling in the table paper that was provided. There was also music being played in the background which helped relax the busy mood around us. Overall, it was a great way for us to relax and take a load from our busy days and not stress so much about stuff we need to do.



Chancellor and Cookies

A few nights ago the Chancellor visited Melcher Hall to discuss any questions the students had for him. It was  great turnout and many questions were asked from on campus issues, to fun, personal questions such as DC or Marvel! Laughs and cookies were shared by all and was a great time spent getting to know our Chancellor!