Pool Shootin’

Nothing like a game of pool to help relax the first week syllabus overload!



Platteville Disc Golf Meeting

Tonight at  7 pm in the PSC the Platteville disc golf club held there meeting to discuss nominations for next years officers, as well as plans for the spring tournament. Two residents decided to come along after our round of disc golf with a few of the officers from the club and made an impression. At the meeting they participated and got to get involved in the meeting. It was great to see them get more involved with a club on campus, let alone the most successful athletic club!


Battleship FNC

This past Friday, Melcher Hall held our first Friday Night Club at the pool in the Fieldhouse. The event ran from 10 pm till midnight where we had a hefty group of people show up to the event. All were welcomed as those in the water helping out unsink boats took part in the activity during the short break. Others were also offered to form different teams if they lacked team members and got to know other people from around campus. Afterwards, all participants had a great time getting to know people from around campus to just have a good time late on a Friday night!