I Stand For…

Hey guys! Be sure to check iut and participate in the new board on the floor to express what you stand for!



Finding a Stress Reliever

While playing disc golf with a resident, we covered various topics important to your health and well being. One of the main topics I had emphasized to him was finding a stress reliever that you can go do to settle your mind down and get away for a bit. Being stressed out can put yiu and a lot of other people in a tough spot to support you emotionally. Being emotionally well is important to success in everyday life.



Dinner over Career Outlook

Had the opportunity to go to dinner with a couple of my residents at GUAM. The food was good and the conversations were great! Was able to hear from a freshman and sophomore about there fields they were going for and what they planned to do with them. Also was able to get an idea where they wanted to work, whether their career took them wherever, or work for a specific company.


First Super Smashing Tournament

Tonight at 6:00 PM was First West’s first wing event and program. A poll was put up to decide what the ¬†first event was to be, and many residents participated in taking the poll. For a first program in the first week, the attendance of the event was limited. But for the few that showed, all were having a good time getting to know the other residents.